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Re-imagining DSPs’ e-commerce platform to simplify the customer journey and improve NPS by 2X

January 13, 2022
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Digital Service Providers (DSPs) operating in diverse markets often struggle to accelerate revenue generation through their e-commerce platform. According to Mckinsey, ‘a successful e-commerce platform needs to continuously evolve and cater to the changing needs of the customer’. Among the 50 global brands used as a benchmark, companies in the top quartile sign up 50 times more customers online than those in the bottom quartile by focusing on a few basic measures along the customer life cycle.

Unlike the digital natives, driving the customers to the e-commerce site and keeping them engaged remains a challenge for most Telcos.

Major challenges in driving the customers online and generating higher revenue are:

  • Complex user journey leading to low sales conversion ratio (visit to purchase)
  • Low application resilience and frequent downtime, especially during peak hours, impacting the customer experience
  • Legacy infrastructure, rigid IT systems, and lengthy operational workloads affecting time-to-market for new services

These challenges, in return, impact the revenue, cost, and customer experience.

This insight highlights 4 key focus areas to re-imagine DSPs’ e-commerce platform:

  • Perform bespoke analysis – Benchmark ideas and bring in best practices to formulate the right re-imagining strategies
  • Implement contextual interactions – Improve user engagement and decision making by 40%
  • Accelerate content delivery – Reduce time-to-market for new products and offerings
  • Enable digital marketing readiness – Improve SEO and site performance
Download this insight to know more about:
  • 4 key focus areas for DSPs to successfully re-imagine their e-commerce platform
  • Business benefits achieved by a leading DSP in Europe after re-imagining their e-commerce platform – improved online sales conversion by 3X, increased annual portal channel revenue by 50%, reduced time-to-market by 35% and improved the site performance by 30%
  • Viji Chandrasekar
  • Prathap MS
  • Abhay Goyal

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