About the Customer

The customer is a provider of voice and data network communications, and managed services to businesses in the United States. Its services are designed for businesses ranging from home & small businesses of up to 50 employees, including internet solutions, phone services, and 24/7 technical support.

The Business Challenge

The objective was to automate the process steps that are rule-based in directory listing process (with LSR and without LSR) received from MSS applications.

  • Identification of scope for automation
  • Reduction in average handling times
  • Process standardization
  • Better queuing management

Prodapt’s Solution

Prodapt developed a sophisticated solution bringing several applications in scope, such as: Citrix XenApp, Oracle MetaSolv Solution – Version (a.k.a. M6), NeuStar Directory Data Finder, NeuStar Record Finder, SDMatrix Link for government and high-profile customer search, SDMatrix link for YPH code, SDMatrix link for DLQuery, and USPS website. Key features include:

  • Process Standardization
  • Change Process: Disconnect the old telephone number (TN) and create LSR for new TN.
  • New Process: The process has been changed to check if the listing already exists in record finder with the same
  • information: if so, no need to work for it. Otherwise, process it.
  • Queue Management: Process DL OUT orders in queue first and if there is no DL OUT orders existing in personal queue, then process DIR LIST orders in queue; handles Supp2 & Supp4 in all tasks.

The Business Impact

  • 95% of scenarios automated as against 83% planned
  • 5 bots implemented delivering 220-250 tasks per day in 9 hours
  • 56% reduction in AHT
  • Expected average ROI over 3 years crosses 46%
  • Unstructured input types escalated to the client for optimization

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