About the Customer

The customer is an internet protocol (IP) communications service provider in the African continent. The company provides connectivity services, cloud offerings as well as carrier services to corporate enterprises. The customer maintains its own tier one international network and its own network nodes in North America, Europe and Asia, where it interconnects with internet backbone providers.

The Business Challenge

  • Inaccurate CMDB, stale entries and difficulties in user right management
  • Duplication and unavailability of servers in monitoring systems
  • Unavailability of base inventory sheet
  • Physical presence needed for asset/rack validation and asset labeling/tagging not present

Prodapt’s Solution

  • Exported the report from all the possible sources (CMDB, Nagios & URM system) to collect the server name for initiating the audit process.
  • Implemented auto-discovery mechanism to form the inventory for the ICT servers.
  • Testing and deployment of network management tools (Prodapt lab and production environment) for network inventory and monitoring.
  • Onsite physical audit of the servers to identify the physical location and checked individual servers by using KVM device and completed labeling process for all servers.
  • All changes performed in data center have been updated in asset register and CMDB.

The Business Impact

  • Base asset register has been prepared and updated
  • Server physical location identified for all the servers
  • Labeling process for all devices/servers/equipment completed
  • Out of warranty machines information has been identified
  • CMDB data updated with accurate information
  • User right management
  • Ensured all servers have been reported under monitoring
  • Proposed for improvement & compliance of technology and process: Monitoring tool; CMDB update process, server commission & decommission process; server labeling standards

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