The Customer

Customer, a leading rural telecom service provider, headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., USA, is an S&P 500 company with communications operations in 23 states and about $4 billion in annual revenues. It provides phone, high-speed Internet and high-definition digital TV services. The company also offers a wide range of IP-based voice and data services and advanced phone systems and equipment to businesses and government agencies.


e-Pay application is an EBPP application, mainly B2C. The end users are customers those who view and pay the bill through online assisted by Customer Service Representatives. The application allows user to view and pay bills via the Internet. Users have the ability to view their current phone bills, submit electronic payments, view previous EBPP billing and electronic payment history, choose to receive emails when your bills are ready for viewing. This is one of the most crucial applications requiring 100% availability to thousands of end users accessing the application.
This was 10 year project that Prodapt won against established players in the Global IT Industry.


  • Ensure better availability of the application for users.
  • Improve services to customers by introducing 24/7 work cycle.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by improving maintainability of the application


Prodapt called on its application management team to assess and support the applications. Using an application assessment pre-qualification and qualification process, the onsite team evaluated the application for supportability.

The team reviewed source codes, documentation and interviewed the client’s solution group. Working with end-users, application owners and application support vendors, the Team determined the support service requirements such as service level agreements, and the business impact.

After the knowledge transfer phase, the transition team recommended a two team structure for the project – an onsite team based out of Portland and an offshore team at Chennai. The onsite team worked closely with the client representatives for gathering requirements and created support configuration requirements.

The offshore team documented the process and procedure changes to the Prodapt’s Application Management Framework to support the application by providing a 24X7 Help Desk. During steady state the team co-ordinated with onsite team at Portland to handle enhancements and on call support.

Prodapt was measured on specific KPIs around application uptime, support SLAs, project schedule variance and user feedback.

  • The team adopted the Change Request concept to implement new features.
  • Task management, project tracking through a web based Integrated Support Management System based on Remedy that enabled allocation of work to the team members and provide real-time status reporting to the management on any task.
  • The team maintained a Known Error Database (KEDB) and maintained a common shared repository for documenting application knowledge that helped improve the turnaround time for bug fixes and change requests.The Mean Time To Repair metric has reduced to 30% of the time taken during the first year

Helpdesk Support

  • The Helpdesk provided in-bound call support for incidents directly impacting customers and incidents impacting the business’ ability to service customers’ needs. Prodapt achieve KPI goals year after year and in the first 3 years, Prodapt had handled around 4000 tickets per year.
  • The Helpdesk accesses process, procedures, and support documentation for the application allowing for easy resolution of incidents. Application Support Representatives were made the focal point of contact for reporting of incidents impacting the client community that requiredimmediate investigation and resolution.


  • Post-deployment by Prodapt, resolution rate increased 200% and cleared all backlogs
  • Optimized use of tools and improved operational efficiency by eliminating redundant processes resulted in lower of TCO by around 30%
  • Streamlined processes enabled business users to undertake change management for customers
  • Freed client’s IT resources for more strategic initiatives
  • Continuously met service expectations 100% of the time


  • Java, Weblogic 10.0 MP2
  • JDK 1.5.0_11
  • Sun Solaris 8
  • Nubridges

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