Ensure Agility, Adaptability and Innovation through Prodapt’s DSP-focused Services

Seamless connectivity and high speed are the major revenue boosters for DSPs. One way to offer these to customers is by exploring new technologies in the market. There is a constant pressure to explore innovative ways to bring in new offerings as well as improve existing ones. To facilitate best customer experience across multiple channels, DSPs need thorough planning and execution before launching new initiatives.

Digitization, BI & analytics, mobility, and cloud are some of the crucial technologies that help DSPs to generate substantial growth and profit. However, adding one or any of these components to the system can increase its complexity and affect the performance. Improving the O/BSS applications to make them compatible to the new service can provide the much needed agility and performance boost.

Customer Relationship Management System

Agility, scalability, and quick response to changing business conditions

Inventory and
Resource Management

Efficient and speedy management of DSP inventories & resources

Order Fulfillment & Orchestration

Revamping DSP order management processes

Revenue Management

Supporting DSPs with the billing and revenue generation

Infrastructure Management Services

Helping digital service providers with the fierce competition in the new age


The Digital Roadmap Demands a New Kind of ITSM Support

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