With the ever-changing consumer demands, telcos must undergo a strategic transformation to survive and flourish in the digital marketplace. They need to innovate rapidly, offer new services, and support new integrations to ensure a positive customer experience.

Prodapt helps telcos to transform their IT operations driven by next-gen technologies enabling them to become a Digital Service Provider (DSP). Our OSS/BSS transformation services helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to be agile, customer-centric and boosts their ability to launch new products and services at a faster pace.

The Business Challenge

Market changes due to the unexpected global pandemic have accelerated the need for digital transformation in the CSP ecosystem. Given this scenario, CIOs are harnessing the rising potential of next-gen technologies to resolve the unprecedented implications created due to the pandemic.

The transformation of the legacy IT stack is important to provide a seamless customer experience. To foster innovation and digital initiatives, it is vital to address strategic priorities such as the transformation of the existing O/BSS portfolio, OPEX reduction through cost takeout, zero-touch automation, consolidation of systems & inventory, and improved analytics & AI-powered insights from O/BSS systems.

These initiatives by the CIO will ensure operational excellence, transform business processes, and deliver innovative products and solutions that enhance customer experience.

What We Do


What We Do

As telcos continue to grapple with competitive market pressures tied to their legacy systems, Prodapt is well-equipped to define and execute the IT strategy of the CIO’s office. We help telcos with unparalleled service delivery and contribute to the evolution and transformation of their IT stack by focusing on new-age digital technologies. This indeed is critical for the DSPs to offer digital services.

Our cloud-by-default IT-focused services include

  • Consulting services
  • Modernization services including cloudification
  • Digital services – Portals, chatbots, mobile, and customer experience management
  • Application development and DevOps
  • E2E managed services – Prodapt’s GOLDEN GLUE framework
  • Migrations
  • Managed Quality Assurance (QA)

Our Service Offerings

End-to-End Digital Transformation


System Consolidation – Migration & Conversions

Application Development

Managed Services – Maintenance & Support

Managed QA

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