Businesses worldwide are embarking the digital transformation (DX) journey fueled by disruptive technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT and intelligent cloud infrastructures. Adoption of transforming technologies, DevOps culture and migrating to cloud will appear the right path to digital future. However, with traditional huge monolithic applications, meeting customer demands in an agile way, integrating new technologies and responding to quick innovation are becoming a great challenge.

Microservices are the go-to solution to overcome these challenges. They are the enablers of digital transformation and have become a key focus of many global enterprise’s DX roadmap. Microservices driven by domain driven design are highly independent, seamlessly deployable, polyglot, dynamically auto scalable with high degree of fault isolation. Prodapt being a Digital Service Provider, ventured into the depth of microservices and provide customers with all the gears and launchpad for quick-ignite of their digital journey.

Prodapt’ s approach to microservices enablement is primarily focused on accelerating and supporting customer’s digital transformation journey through consulting and engineering services. Prodapt has been consciously building expertise around the galore of frameworks and tools that support building microservices. Prodapt’s service offerings span across the entire lifecycle of transforming a monolith application to a next generation microservices based application.


Prodapt’s approach

Prodapt’s microservices service offerings are strengthened through practice, expertise and meticulous approach of analyzing customer needs and determining the efficient and optimized migration path.

  • Architect and design through trials and proof of concepts
  • Test driven approach
  • Migration through building hybrid systems
  • Selection of frameworks and tools based on application performance needs
  • Accelerate setting up of microservices development and production labs
  • Automation through CI/CD pipelining
  • Deployment as a service – seamless upgrades and auto scaling
  • Training and consultation by SMEs
Microservices for telco
Microservices solution

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