IoT adoption in healthcare is swelling rapidly owing to the increase in health awareness among consumers and the need to reduce healthcare cost by adopting preventive measures. Digitization of health records, emergence of varied low cost connected medical devices and availability of real-time network connectivity has resulted in IoT solutions gaining momentum in healthcare sector. Healthcare service providers and insurance providers are rolling out different healthcare programs to improve the quality and cost of providing healthcare services

Prodapt’ s IoT solution, enables realization of remote patient monitoring use cases within a short span of time. Built on Prodapt’ s IoT frameworks, the solution can be easily enhanced and integrated with different medical devices. The solution provides role-based features which can be easily customized for the required medical condition or lifestyle needs. Prodapt is enabling end to end remote patient care monitoring from devices, middleware to web application.  The solution overcomes challenges faced with cost of inmate care and improves operational and workforce efficiency of healthcare service providers.

Key features of the solution are:

    • End to end connectivity designed to meet FDA and HIPAA safety and privacy standards
    • Real time round the clock remote monitoring
    • Instant alerts to care providers based on criticality of the patient measurements
    • Remotely notify or remind patients on missed measurements or actions
    • Lifestyle monitoring for aged care
    • Any time care team contact
    • Integrated EMR for consolidation of healthcare services
    • Role based access
    • Administrative features – device and user management
    • Service desk for device issue triage and resolution


  • Reduction in health and aged care cost
  • Improved access to medical care
  • Decrease in mortality rate
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Reduction in emergency visits
  • Flexible and custom medical programs
IoT in Healthcare Industry
IoT in the Telecom Industry

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