Deliver End-to-End Solution Suite Through Next-gen Technologies

The digital service providers (DSP) ecosystem is in a transition period currently, with the changing demands of customers and the technologies required to facilitate them. The customer spectrum is inclining towards on-demand content and faster services, which makes the inclusion of next-gen technologies such as AI/ML, microservices, DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) timely and necessary.

These technologies add layers of intelligence, digitization and connectivity to the existing processes and services. It helps the DSP ecosystem to provide on-demand content, manage huge traffic, and gain crucial insight on the content consumption pattern of the customer base. These next-gen technologies are revolutionizing each and every industry by boosting the technology arena and enhancing the overall operational efficiency.


Helping digital service providers with intelligent data management


Promoting collaboration across development, operations, and QA.


Accelerating and supporting the digital transformation journey

Internet of Things(IoT)

Enabling remote patient monitoring

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