The Business Challenge

With the rising competition from OTTs and Digital Service Providers (DSPs), traditional telcos are forced to create value for their consumer’s digital life beyond just providing connectivity. Balancing these digital transformational needs and keeping up with the requirements of efficiencies is a challenge for DSPs.

Digital transformation through cloud adoption to replace legacy infrastructure, applications and functions has become increasingly attractive due to the cost-effective, adaptable, scalable, and agile nature of cloud-based solutions.

However, getting cloud right can be challenging for DSPs because they often require an integrative, holistic approach that is also strategically sensible in the long term. Some of the cloud-led transformation challenges that need to be tackled are cost and effort redundancy, performance degradation, security breaches, business discontinuity, and business alignment.

There is a need for deep expertise both in the industry and on the cloud to minimize risks from these challenges and propel DSPs’ digital transformation journey.

What We Do


What We Do

Prodapt, with its deep domain understanding, helps DSPs/MSPs adopt cloud technologies to transform their business through a full spectrum of services such as cloud advisory, cloud design & migration, and network edge cloud services. Every DSP is different – and we believe every DSP’s cloud deployment and migration demands meticulous comprehension of known challenges and risks, planning with attention to detail, and effective cross-functional execution. Our business-aligned and futuristic cloud strategies enable the delivery of best-in-class cloud solutions to DSPs.

Prodapt brings not only an extensive understanding of the fast-changing and complex cloud solutions landscape, but also strong cloud solution engineering and implementation expertise. We combine strategic insights and digital-by-default skills to drive transformations using Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Customer Experience (CX).

Our 360° Approach

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