In order to stay competitive and deliver outstanding customer experiences, DSPs must reinvent their business processes and adopt digitized services. Prodapt has built frameworks, accelerators, and platforms leveraging a combination of deep domain expertise, operational excellence and automation capabilities to accelerate time to value for Chief Operating Officers (COOs). We aim at improving customer satisfaction across DSPs with optimal operation costs .

Prodapt’s offerings span across the key business process areas in Telecom including fulfilment, assurance, network management, and billing. Our automated business solutions and digital platforms enable DSPs to streamline processes, monitor growth, and reduce operational costs.

The Business Challenge

The rapidly evolving Digital Service Provider (DSP) ecosystem has witnessed significant changes in evolving technologies, customer demands, continuous service improvements, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and more. Given this scenario, DSPs must continuously find ways to optimize their business processes to become more efficient while keeping their customers satisfied. With the right partner, DSPs/telcos can transform their existing business processes, improve operations, and cost-effectively manage customer support and service operations.

What We Do


What We Do

The ‘new normal’ has made transformation a necessity rather than a good to have measure. Prodapt’s industry specific business process offerings are focused on maximizing customer satisfaction through transformation initiatives. Our solutions and services enable DSPs in minimizing operational costs while investing more in the next-gen trends and technologies.

Our Service Offerings

Prodapt’s Telebots™ Hyperautomation Framework

Telebots™ as a Service

Telecom Process as a Service (TPaaS)

Managed O2A Transformation

CX-driven Digital Contact Centers

Truck Roll Optimization

Process Consulting through Mining

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AI-powered Field Service Framework to Enhance Efficiency of Technicians and Reduce MTTR by 30%

Today, most Digital Service Providers (DSPs) struggle to improve the efficiency of the field technicians, which leads to high MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) and low First Time Fix Rate (FTFR). Delay in providing fixes can lead to significant customer churn and revenue loss affecting profit margin for DSPs.

Digitizing Contact Center to Reduce Call Volume by 30% and Improve NPS

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) average of 24, telecom holds the lowest industry average according to the NPS Benchmarks Report. Operational inefficiencies in contact centers play a major role in the low NPS for Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

RPA Approach to Accelerate Data Migration by 2X

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) face challenges in data migration projects and service upgrade operations. Ongoing trends such as M&As, migration of applications to the cloud, and modernization of legacy applications have increased the frequency and scope of data migration in the DSP ecosystem. However, the execution of data migration using the traditional methods is not at par with the increasing frequency!

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