The Business Challenge

Network services are not the same as it once was. To keep up with consumers’ growing expectations, it’s important for DSPs to re-imagine their WAN edge services for faster, flexible, and cheaper connectivity – So, how to transform the way enterprises use network services? Right now, the best option would be the adoption of an agile and intelligent WAN architecture that best suits your business needs. But the path towards this transformation can be complex with several deployment challenges and security issues. It really needs a scalable, globally distributed development, test, and integration platform to fast-track SD-WAN and cloud edge services onboarding.

The core tenets of SD-WAN are greater business agility and reduced total cost of ownership. While these benefits make a compelling case, the issue of SD-WAN implementation, design, and network connectivity pose a significant risk. Most vendor marketing presents SD-WAN as a self-managed, do-it-yourself technology, but potential users should be aware of how SD-WAN works best, by eliminating inherent SD-WAN deployment and operational challenges.

What We Do

What We Do

As enterprises strive to accelerate their digital transformation journey, they are looking at Digital Service Providers (DSPs), cloud service providers, and virtual edge infrastructure OEMs to support them with service agility and best-of-breed edge services. OVX will help achieve that with 360-degree partnership solutions engineering, technology lab-as-a-service, and development services while bringing service providers, OEMs, and users under one umbrella.

Our Offerings

Prodapt’s Open Virtual Exchange (OVX) is a unique framework that empowers Digital Service Providers (DSPs), Cloud Service Providers, and OEMs with a globally distributed development, test, and integration platform. OVX enables the roll-out of network-based & OTT-managed virtual edge services (such as SDWAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and D-NFVI) along with OEM vendors for end-user requirements.

Through the OVX offering, customers can accelerate an end-to-end service life-cycle of virtual edge service offerings by fast-tracking the development of new features, lab-as-a-service for interoperability/compliance, 360° partnerships with third-party technology vendors & legacy systems and leverage the right set of the partner ecosystem. OVX offers SD-WAN (an affordable MPLS alternative), uCPE, eyes-on-the-net (AIOps), and E2E service orchestrators in a service model.

OVX brings DSPs, cloud providers, and OEMs under one umbrella to validate solution requirements of latency-sensitive applications of the enterprise customers.

OVX Solution

As service providers are challenged with an exponentially growing validation matrix of best-of-breed virtual edge ecosystem, OVX as a service offers a marketplace and ecosystem of leading SDWAN, uCPE, Secure Access Service Edge, eyes-on-the-net (AIOps solutions), and E2E service orchestrators vendors along with high-degree of test automation employing network-as-code and OVX bots.

OVX for Communication Service Providers

Offers a disruptive SD-WAN consumption model for multi-cloud virtual edge services. Bringing together a comprehensive partner ecosystem, OVX provides a complete set of managed services including development, testing, integration, and empowering the CSPs with faster T2M solutions.

OVX for OEMs

Offers 360° engineering capabilities that lead to acceleration and cost advantages to OEMs. Further, they can tap into Prodapt’s global delivery centers and access the OVX platform for end-to-end testing, interoperability, and system integration. In addition, OEMs can leverage Prodapt’s best-of-breed resources for API & software development, agile product development, engineering life-cycle services, product certification, proof of value/consultancy, and roadmap development.

OVX for Cloud Service Providers

Provides automation around configuration, optimization, management of virtualization services deployed on the cloud. This includes aspects of integration, security, maintenance, and support.

Business Outcome

The value proposition of OVX is anchored around delivering the network design, deployment, and operations of SD-WAN edge services easier for DSPs, OEMs, and cloud service providers.

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Other Business Outcomes


Lack of a unified network automation platform across the legacy, physical and virtual network functions has disrupted the introduction of next-gen service orchestrators, thus compromising network service availability. One of the main challenges that network teams face is the growing complexity of network operations

Order-to-Activate (O2A)

As technology adoption has skyrocketed, it has vastly changed the way that consumers engage with a Digital Service Provider (DSP). Consequently, many DSPs feel the heat of customer churn due to substandard order-to-activate (O2A) processes. Siloed teams, delayed revenue, opaque processes, and increasing product complexity forms a perfect recipe for long order-to-activate cycles.

Service Call & Truck Roll Reduction

In a world where customer preferences in network choices are constantly changing, telecom companies need to be future-ready and agile. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have been facing huge revenue leakages apart from challenges in meeting customer expectations. For telcos, truck rolls are a critical component in their service delivery that involves both operational and cost challenges.

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