Virtual Agent Roll-out Strategy to Boost VA Containment Rate by 32%

Virtual Agent Roll-out Strategy to Boost VA Containment Rate by 32%

The virtual agent’s (VA) market is at an all-time high and is garnering more and more interest with each passing day. It is establishing itself as “the must-have” solution for Digital Service Providers (DSPs) seeking to improve customer experience, reduce call center costs, and optimize time to serve, etc.

But are these virtual agents living up to the hype they are creating? Gartner has placed them in “trough of disillusionment” in its hype cycle. The primary reason for that is the deployment of these VAs is not done correctly most of the time. As a result of this, they don’t reach the required confidence levels and are not able to capture the right customer intent. This is further substantiated by Forrester’s report, Customer Service Chatbots Fail Consumers Today, which claims that 2 out 3 customers are skeptical about chatbot’s capability to provide just as great an interaction as a live representative.

This insight describes in detail a robust VA rollout strategy for DSPs, encompassing the top 10 considerations that can help DSPs containing their customers within VA interaction and increase overall customer satisfaction. It provides key recommendations on most important focus areas which are imperative for a successful rollout like – choice of use case, complexity & variations of intents, routing guide, design of chat layout, customer experience, NLU training time, and throttling traffic.

Topics covered are:


These key considerations can help DSPs in achieving:

  1. 30-35% increase in customer containment within 10 weeks of rollout
  2. 15-20% increase in NPS and CSAT scores within 3 months of rollout
  3. 12% reduction in average handling time in 6 months of rollout

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  • Sathya Ramana Varri C
  • Sarvagya Nayak

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