Truck Roll Optimization to Reduce Non-Productive Dispatch by 27%

Truck Roll Optimization to Reduce Non-Productive Dispatch by 27%

Most of the DSPs face a peculiar challenge of 25% of their service truck rolls being found to be non-value-add (NVA) or avoidable truck rolls, thus costing millions of dollars per year. This happens due to the service truck roll dispatch process involves a lot of human intervention while creating truck roll appointments and further follow-up activities. Work orders are created manually by the customer service representatives (CSRs) without thorough assessment, resulting in avoidable or non-value-added truck rolls.

DSPs are unable to detect and avoid non-value added (NVA) service truck rolls, which is one of the main reasons for the higher operation in the field service operations.

This insight explores a proven methodology to reduce the number of avoidable truck rolls. It helps DSPs to identify specific drivers that trigger non-value added (NVA) truck roll and proactively eliminate issues that don’t require a field technician visit. By transforming filed service management processes using the service truck roll optimization technique, DSPs can not only achieve cost savings up to 20% in their field service operations but also improve customer experience.


  • Dineshkumar KS
  • Philip Richard D
  • Selvakumar B
  • Mogan A.B

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