Enhancing data security and efficiency beyond standard Test Data Management (TDM)

As most of the projects today adopt agile development model to cater to the changing customer demands, CSPs are leveraging Test Data Management (TDM) systems to ensure data security in a test environment.

Without TDM systems, data security, test data creation and provisioning for a wider coverage become challenging. CSPs face the threat of exposing personally identifiable information(PII) and commercially sensitive data such as financial, operational, and strategic initiatives in the test environment. Going manual with test data creation is also not feasible as it is highly time-consuming due to the huge volume of production data. Additionally, manual creation does not cover all the test scenarios (e.g. negative scenarios and exceptions).

Leading TDM tools like CA TDM, TestBench, Solix and HP TDM have been successful in overcoming security and test coverage challenges to a great extent. However, there are still a few critical challenges that are unaddressed by TDM.

This insight discusses the above challenges and provides key enablers to address them.


Vijay Ramachandran
Senthil Kumar KM
Jagadeesh G
Vishwa Nigam

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