Proven Strategies for Data Centers to Minimize the Backup Failure Rate

According to industry analysts, a significant number of backup jobs (ranging from 5% to 25%) are failing across various tiers of data centers. This impacts data centers heavily in the form of revenue loss, SLA-based penalties and further loss of important data deteriorates customer experience and leads to low NPS (Net Promoter Score).

In order to reduce backup failure, data centers need to find out the major reasons for the failure.

Some of the top reasons identified for backup failure are listed below.


Following are some of the proven and recommended approaches to minimize backup failure rate:

backup failure

This Insight paper further explores unique strategies to reduce backup failures based on the learnings from deployment and management of various leading data centers’ backup operations. These recommendations can potentially bring down backup failure rate to less than 2%.

The complete insight paper can be downloaded here.


Sreedhar SK
Babu Rajesh
Selvakumar S
Vishwa Nigam

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