Modernizing Customer Care with Salesforce Communications Cloud to Deliver Superior Customer Experience

December 30, 2021

A customer’s engagement with a Digital Service Provider (DSP) has radically changed over the last few years. As a result, DSPs are compelled to offer a fluidic and painless customer care journey for their users. While DSPs use different approaches to enhance customer experience, they often face several difficulties due to the existing legacy customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Some of the main limitations of legacy CRM systems are:

⦁ Lack of data consistency and cleanliness as the data is sourced from multiple systems
⦁ Absence of a standard integration procedure hampers the order management flow
⦁ Need for manual intervention impacts the efficiency of customer care agents
⦁ No scope for personalization due to lack of recommendations on promotions and discount offers for customers

DSPs need to look beyond disparate CRM systems and must opt for a unified CRM solution. This would empower care agents with high-quality data & advanced tools and enable them to provide excellent service to the customers. Hence, there is a need to modernize the customer care journey, using Salesforce Communications Cloud.


DSPs must leverage the key transformation focus areas for modernising the onboard & buy journey for new customers and order-to-activate journey for existing customers.

Download this insight to know more about:

  • Modernizing customer care journey using Salesforce Communications Cloud and thereby delivering a superior customer experience.
  • Key transformation focus-areas to be considered to ensure a successful modernization of the customer care journey.
  • Business benefits achieved by a leading DSP in Latin America after modernizing their customer care journey using the proposed strategy – increased ARPU by 20-30%, achieved 60-70% faster time-to-market, and transformed into a true Digital Operator.


    • Manoj K Mohan
    • Rohit Karthikeyan

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