Robotic Process Automation: Rise of the Machines

Due to the dynamic nature of the telecom industry there is always a need for newer and better processes, which invariably lead to multiple touch points and manual interventions. This is the one of the major challenges faced by the companies who adopt outsourcing as a critical strategy. Emergence of robotic process automation (RPA) marks a significant watershed in changing the dynamics of outsourcing.

Read the report to understand:

  • How RPA works and how it differs from other types of automation, including macros and business process management.
  • Where to start implementing RPA.
  • How to approach an RPA pilot and expand automation throughout an organization.
  • Why multi-vendor environments, complex applications and legacy platforms don’t necessarily make it difficult, expensive or time-consuming to implement RPA.
  • The major challenges to RPA adoption and how to overcome them, such as concerns about security risks and backlash about anticipated job layoffs.

This quick insight, published by TM Forum, and sponsored by Prodapt talks about how robotic process automation works and how it innovates the business processes across organizations.

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