Refactoring DSPs’ monolithic application to Microservices – Key to achieving service agility

Digital native players such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, eBay etc. have quickly adopted microservices architecture for every website, application and digital experience they develop. Microservices architecture is one of the key factors that has enabled these Digital companies achieve phenomenal growth.

Looking at how profoundly this has transformed digital natives, many large Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have also started their microservices transition journey. This transformation will not only help DSPs to achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability but also help them to derive granular insights, which can be leveraged to deliver superior customer experience and enable new business streams.

However, compared to these tech giants that were born in the digital era, DSPs do not have the luxury of rebuilding their architectures from scratch based on microservices. They need to revamp their massive, bulky, siloed and complex environments to support the microservices strategy.

This insight highlights the five-stage strategy, which includes guided qualification checklists that will assist DSPs to embark on an effective microservices transformation.


  • Kalpana Angamuthu
  • Madalai Muthu Jacob
  • Mogan A.B.

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