A quick checklist to develop a robust order management system migration strategy

Transformation and integration in the digital service provider (DSP) ecosystem is highly challenging due to the dynamic and demanding nature of the industry. Most of the DSPs are opting for integration/migration programs but failing to migrate their systems effectively. According to Gartner, more than 83% integration/migration programs either fail/exceed schedules and also exceed budget by approximately 30%.

Major business drivers that lead DSPs to consider migration are:

  • Integration post mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • Modernizing the legacy systems
  • Changed compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Technology and feature enhancements

This insight provides a quick and handy migration strategy checklist, covering both pre- and post-migration activities. While the focus of this insight is on order management system migration, the same checklist could be used (with minor adaptations) for any transformation projects in the DSP environment.

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Sekar K
Murali V
Srinivas B
Vishwa Nigam

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