Online Charging Systems (OCS) operations: Considerations for improving agility and efficiency

There is a tremendous market growth for digital and data-oriented services like PayTV, video-on-demand, M2M communications, and IoT. In order to launch these services, accelerate time-to-market, and minimize product and price complexities, CSPs can leverage real-time and convergent charging method. Online Charging System (OCS) efficiently fills the current gaps by offering real-time charging for subscribers and flexibility in terms of service type, network technology, and payment method.

  • Charging methods – Content-based, Volume-& Time-based, Real-time service control
  • Service type – Voice, Data, Messaging, Video, Content
  • Network technologies – Fixed, Wireless, Broadband
  • Payment methods – Prepaid, Post-paid, and Hybrid

Although many CSPs are embracing OCS, they are unable to leverage its full potential and still face many operational challenges. This insight discusses the typical challenges faced by CSPs with OCS and recommends ideal solutions to overcome them. To know more, download the insight below.


Vivek Ramaswamy
Mothish Kamalakkannan
Sarvagya Nayak

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