O2A Dashboard: One-touch Real-Time Monitor & Control for Proactive Order Fallout Prevention

Efficient order lifecycle management is crucial to any operator who is trying to remain profitable in today’s highly competitive market scenario. But legacy systems, complexity in orders, high manual intervention etc. pose a serious challenge to efficiency of the order-to-activation process.

Challenges faced by CSPs in order lifecycle which leads to increased fallouts & OPEX, reduced customer satisfaction & low order visibility:


O2A Dashboard


An end-to-end view of the orders, throughout the workflow, with real-time status can help in reducing the order fallouts and revenue leakage in a big way.

This can be achieved by creating a tool, which is integrated to all the underlying systems and reflect the order status in each of them. But this integration comes with its own challenges – non-uniform data formats, multiple IDs for same order in different systems, lack of real-time data etc. The best way to tackle these challenges is to create necessary APIs/ plug-ins/ adaptors for respective issues. To know more about these solution strategies, click on the link below.


Karthik R, Associate Director – Delivery
Suseel Vadakkepet, Senior Technical Lead – Delivery
Muthukrishnan R, Senior Technical Lead – Delivery
Sarvagya Nayak, Business Analyst – Insights

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