An Adaptive Priority Approach for Effective Problem Resolution in ITSM

May 31, 2017

Network incidents and service requests managed by the ITSM (IT Service Management) systems are diverse and are constantly on the rise. The current practice is to raise trouble tickets and work on each item based on the incident priority set by the ITSM system. There are some disadvantages to this traditional ITSM approach, where impact and urgency parameters are not optimized; hence, the incident priority is not alerted properly—leading to poor customer experience. It also doesn’t provide any recommendation to reduce the average cost of unplanned downtime, a major influencing factor in operational expenses.

Clearly, an efficient incident prioritization model, which has customer acceptance and takes into account true business need and IT capability, is needed. In order to provide effective and faster issue resolution, you need to define priority codes working with the business and the operations team. A sound prioritization scheme can help you stabilize your day-to-day operations and make you more proactive in your responses.

This insight discusses a unique adaptive incident priority model that could be easily plugged in to the existing ITSM platform. This strategy enhances ITSM systems with the capability to analyze various important factors to determine the right incident priority.

High-level architecture with adaptive priority model & topology analyzer plugins

In order to learn more about this, please download the insight presentation.


Mogan AB, Manager – Technical Pre-Sales & Insights
Kayalvizhi S, Associate Director – ITSM Delivery
Omprakash C, Technical Architect – ITSM Delivery
Manju P, Senior Technical Lead – ITSM Delivery

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