NIC: Strategic Differentiator for Effective & Efficient Operation of a CSP

Telecom companies have been seeking an integrated inventory strategy, which has historically been arduous to develop. Integrated inventory strategy provides an all-in-one dashboard with an in-depth view of the network, thus revolutionizing the way telecom assets are operated and maintained.

Integrated inventory strategies can be incredibly complex to develop and implement, discouraging most telcos from attempting them. Although there is growing demand for this strategy, the logistics involved pose an impenetrable barrier. However, the industry is changing radically. Consumers growing demand for quad-play, converged services and the recent M&A trends of CSPs have triggered the need for consolidation like never before.

The following insight explains how Prodapt recommendations help CSPs during consolidation of network inventory in an effective & efficient manner with a set of key accelerators.



Muthukumaravel S, Director, O/BSS Delivery
Lakshmi Narayanan Raju, Associate Director, O/BSS Delivery
Mogan AB, Manager, Presales & Insights

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