Integration of Things for a Better Environment

October 13, 2016


The best way to predict the future is to create it. With IoT, the future we’re talking about holds the key to “smart” things that could “think” like humans.

A decade ago, Facebook, bank accounts, computers, mobile phones and emails were very much a part of our lifestyle, but they were exclusive of each other. Now, as we move toward what is called “an era of connected things,” these entities are transforming into sophisticated networks of communication. Human intelligence and its undying hunger for innovation have led us from caves to cables, and we can be sure that the idea of integrating things and adding a dose of “intelligence” to them will change the way we live life, very soon!

In Earth’s ecosystem, each entity has to undergo multiple stages of incremental intelligence to stay in the race. The evolution of driverless cars from their thermodynamics-based cousins is a classic example. From cars to coffee machines, almost all future devices can communicate with each other to make life simpler, easier and better in more ways than one!



Networking of things is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Integration can be as simple as connecting your alarm clock to the washer, or as high-tech as connecting a battle tank to another on a battlefield. It shows no signs of deceleration, and hints at a safer and more improved lifestyle. It is safe to say that this booming technology is now out of its early stages (connecting devices) and moving to a stage where solutions are expected to be integrated rather than devices.



Synapt is one of the early adopters of this technology and has emerged successful with innovative solutions apart from the IoT vertical-specific use cases (Read Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Parking, Smart Building, Connected Workers, Cell Tower Monitoring). With strong concepts and problem-solving strategies, Synapt has been making headlines when it comes to environmental sentience and the ability to deal with technical as well as business challenges.



Aquaponics refers to the symbiotic integration of aquaculture (culturing aquatic animals in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water). Aquaponics is essential for the modern world. However, an appropriate monitoring solution is necessary to reduce the adverse effects such practice may cause. Existing Smart Home platform vendors should extend the solution by enabling the features to accommodate Aquaponics. Warning alerts and congruous actions at the right moment have to be executed for efficient functioning of the solution.



Carbon emission has been one of the major contributors for global warming. Exponential increase in vehicles has a direct impact on emission of carbon into the atmosphere. Integration of instant carbon-emission monitoring system to the Connected Car platform would help the driver optimize his driving skills and reduce fuel consumption. That apart, periodic tracking of emission levels would give a behavioral pattern of the combustion system, notifying the driver on scheduled maintenance and replacements.



While instant tracking of humans employed in lethal scenarios is already in deployment, value-adds could benefit the employee as well as the organization. Biometric sensors from healthcare could be integrated to people serving in critical zones (soldiers, police, firefighters, miners, etc.). Myoelectric sensors (muscle stress level detection), galvanic skin sensor (mental stress level monitoring), radiation detectors, etc., are a few instances of sensor varieties that add significant value to the existing ecosystem.

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