Turn Network Issues into Customer Delight through Trouble to Resolve (T2R) Automation Strategy

August 17, 2018

TM Forum business process framework -eTOM’s (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map) Trouble to Resolve (T2R) process deals with a trouble (problem) reported by the customer, analyses it to identify the root cause of the problem, initiates resolution to meet customer satisfaction, monitors progress and closes the trouble ticket. Most DSPs follow the eTOM T2R process, however they encounter key challenges that affects the overall T2R operational efficiency and increases the OPEX:

  • Multiple, siloed systems to complete a network event’s lifecycle
    • High manual effort and swivel-chairing across systems – high OPEX
  • Difficulty in identifying the right impact of a network event
    • No proper tools for auto-identification & prioritization of critical events that would cause major business impact
    • Resource wastage: NOC tends to spend significant amount of time in handling huge volume of alerts
  • Difficulty in meeting business KPIs due to unavailability of fully integrated systems and automated processes

Developing an effective strategy for integrating the systems and bringing end-to-end automation in the T2R process flow could yield DSPs upto 33% cost savings. Majority of DSPs have basic level of automation, however there is a huge scope for complete lifecycle automation.

This Insight showcases an effective approach for implementing end-to-end automation of network event lifecycle from event creation to resolution. This approach is based on the implementation experience from leading DSPs of the world at multi-geographic locations.

Automation of network events lifecycle overview (Trouble 2 Resolve)

Download the complete insight here

  • Omprakash C
  • Mogan AB
  • Dinesh Kumar KS

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