Accelerate Network Expansion Decisions by 3X with an efficient Open-source Network Capacity Planning Framework

November 16, 2021

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) often face the challenges of complex networks, dissimilar data, and inefficient visualization of logical and physical inventory, which impacts their network capacity planning. Some of the main challenges in the conventional network capacity planning service process are –

  • Complexity in the DSPs’ network: Rapid network expansion is a major cause for data silos in Digital Service Providers (DSPs), which affects the time-to-insights for their data assets, making it hard to plan the network efficiently
  • Difficulty in visualizing the rapidly changing DSPs’ network: DSPs’ networks are subject to expansion as the business grows. Due to this high volatility, it becomes difficult to visualize and monitor networks and their components for capacity planning
  • Challenges in unifying a large set of dissimilar network inventory data: Most often, DSPs’ network inventory data is scattered and is retrieved from different types of vendor network equipment, thus making it difficult to consolidate them for efficient planning
  • Lack of a single network visualization: DSPs have multiple systems with multiple vendors and integrations. Thus, it is challenging to visualize complex network data on a single platform
  • Increased cost to the DSPs: DSPs using COTS products for network visualization incur huge licensing, hardware, and customization costs

These challenges impact the DSPs’ operations in many ways like ineffective network capacity planning, delay in new network design and rollout, errors in assessing the impact of a network outage, and inefficient network and resource utilization.

While many DSPs depend on COTS products to address these challenges in the unified visualization and capacity planning process, others consider an open-source approach. An open-source solution provides an alternate cost-effective approach to enable efficient capacity planning. Other benefits include reduced infra cost, zero licensing cost, and no vendor lock-in.

The below figure details how DSPs can build the open-source framework to ease and accelerate network capacity planning decisions.


The above framework can help the DSPs to achieve 83% faster network capacity expansion decisions, one-click network visualization, better capacity utilization, easy troubleshooting and time, effort, and cost savings.

Download this insight to know more about:
  • Key enablers with practical recommendations that can enable the DSPs to build and implement an open-source network capacity planning framework
  • Benefits achieved by a leading DSP in North America by adopting these enablers, including acceleration in network decisions by 3X

Benefits include rapid test development and maintenance, faster product launch, improved product quality, and differentiated product delivery.

  • Murugan Chidhambaram
  • Hari Ganesh
  • Priyanka Ravindran
  • Neha Sehgal

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