Methodologies to empower RPA CoE with perpetual demand pipeline

Digital service providers (DSPs) across the globe are on various stages in their journey to embrace robotic process automation (RPA), to increase their operational efficiency. But scaling RPA and making it an organization-wide success is a big challenge for the DSPs. As per Deloitte’s Global Robotics Report 2018, over 80% of organizations implementing RPA were happy with the results, but only 1% of them were able to scale considerably in the past 1 year (50+ bots in a year). Inability to identify appropriate use cases after initial implementations serves as the major bottleneck for DSPs. Lack of end-to-end visibility of the process by the siloed business units further adds to this plight.

This paper explores various methodologies available for DSPs to create a steady pipeline of processes that can be automated. These techniques are – comprehensive analysis, design thinking workshop, and process mining. The paper also explains how to choose the correct method as per the maturity stage of the DSP.


  • Aravind Parthasarathy
  • Sarvagya Nayak

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