Leveraging bot development framework to empower RPA Centre of Excellence with bot velocity

Most of the digital service providers across the globe have been leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) to increase their operational efficiency and are at various stages in their journey. A lot of them have at least tested waters with a POC, if not the actual implementation.

But scaling RPA and increasing bot velocity to make it an organization-wide success is a big challenge. One definite solution to this challenge is setting up a robust RPA Centre of Excellence, which will not only defines the best practices but also strives to achieve the organization goal.

An ideal RPA CoE has the following 7 components:

This insight focuses on the third component, i.e. bot development, specifically on the bot development framework. It throws light on best practices to create a robust bot development framework, which drives bot velocity by standardizing bot development across the organization. By following these guidelines in developing a bot development framework, organizations can reduce the bot development, testing, deployment and review time by up to 30%.


  • Rajesh Khanna J
  • Manjunath C
  • Sarvagya Nayak

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