Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to Reduce Provisioning Time by 65%

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to Reduce Provisioning Time by 65%

Traditionally, Infrastructure provisioning has always been a manual process for Digital Service Providers (DSPs). Teams would rack and stack the servers and will manually configure them. Finally, they will install the applications over that hardware. This used to be a slow process and there were a lot of accuracy and consistency issues. The advent of cloud computing addressed many of the issues. However, the configuration consistency, manual scalability, and cost issues are persisted even after the advent of cloud computing. Also, deploying infrastructure solutions like Webservers, WebApp servers & DB servers, requires considerable efforts from cloud architects for configuring VPCs, subnets, routing tables, creating instances, etc., these efforts are not easily repeatable and cannot modify easily in one shot.

This insight describes how a DevOps IaC methodology can be used to address the above challenges. Further, it elaborates on cloud configuration orchestrator, the core component of IaC that enables achieving zero-touch provisioning and management of infrastructure, taking cloud computing to its fullest potential. Using this Infrastructure as code methodology, DevOps engineers can define the final state infrastructure, configurations of the applications that are deployed on top of the infrastructure, and the scaling policies in a codified way. This reduces the dependency on cloud architects and provisioning time significantly.

Topics covered:

  • Major challenges for DSPs with manual provisioning of cloud infrastructure
  • Potential scenarios where DSPs can embrace IAC
  • How cloud configuration orchestrator can be leveraged for effective implementation of IAC
  • How Infrastructure, Applications and scaling policies can be defined in a codified way


  • Deepak Jayagopal
  • Kanapathi Raja
  • Sathya Narayanan

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