Improving video-on-demand (VoD) application performance through robust monitoring toolchain

More and more Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are moving towards microservices for their video-on-demand (VoD) services. Here are some of the key reasons for this transition.

  • Deliver video at scale to meet customers’ demand — billion requests per day!
  • Elasticity – handling spiky loads during special events (e.g. Premier league football games)
  • Ensure reliable delivery of video content and high availability of service
  • Implementing auto-scaling algorithms – save cost by running at optimum capacity during quiet hours

However, monitoring microservices-based application is a highly complex task for DSPs as a single application (several microservices) runs on multiple hosts in a very dynamic environment and needs to interact with multiple other systems that are also dynamic in nature.

Implementing the right tool chain is critical in effective performance monitoring of microservices-based applications. This insight focuses on building a robust tool chain to monitor microservices-based VoD application.


Praveen C
Vishwa Nigam

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