Implementing High-Quality Global Voice Solutions

Key factors to be considered by communication service providers while implementing switching & routing infrastructure for enterprise global voice solutions

In today’s highly competitive and complex telecom landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) are challenged by declining ARPU & margins and must continuously invest in technology and infrastructure to remain competitive. With churn rate and quality demands of customers on the rise, CSPs must focus greatly on retaining current customers and selling new products and services at higher quality while reducing costs.

One of the main revenue streams for the CSP is its global voice solution for large enterprises and international contact centers that generate huge outbound and inbound voice traffic to and from various global locations. The success and growth of enterprise voice business is largely dependent on the quality metrics such as ASR, ACD of the CSP’s global voice solution.

This insight paper discusses various challenges faced by CSPs while launching enterprise global voice service and also elaborates on key tunings to be done on the infrastructure to enable successful enterprise service launch. Implementing the strategies discussed in this insight paper would enable a CSP to offer global enterprise voice services exceeding the industry benchmarks on quality metrics – answer-seizure ratio (ASR) and average call duration (ACD) could be improved by 10 to 25% which in turn would help enterprises do the business more efficiently and grow revenues.

Typical challenges faced by CSPs while launching enterprise global voice service

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John Kingsly, Associate Director – Insights & Presales

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