Going Beyond Federation of Network Services: Federation of Network Analytics for Improved Network Performance

Service providers have operations spread across a number of zones and circles. Every zone has different technology and different network elements to support the operations. It is very difficult for key decision makers to find the network issues in particular zone or circle as all the network elements are distributed and lack a centralized view. Federation of network systems helps in creating a federation layer to provide top level executives a federated view of network elements. Federation of Network analytics goes beyond FNS by adding analytics over federation layer and provide recommendations to top-level executives to improve network efficiency and performance.

Challenges of non-federated network system

Moving from Non-Federated to Federated Network System (FNS)

Download the presentation to know more about how Federation of Network Analytics helps service providers in taking key decisions.


Pravin Dagdee, Head – Infrastructure Management Services
Sujith Gopalakrishnan, Senior Manager – Infrastructure Management Services Delivery
Vishwa Nigam, Manager – Business Analysis & Insights

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