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Implementing Digital Capabilities to Maximize Value Realization and Boost NPS by 3X

August 27, 2021
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A recent TMForum survey shows that building digital capabilities which include the digitization of customer experience and operations, is the highest post-pandemic priority for Digital Service Providers (DSPs). These digital capabilities can improve EBITDA and customer satisfaction up to 30% and employee satisfaction by more than 50%. At the same time, it can reduce operational wastes by about 50%.


However, a painful reality is that most DSPs fail to unlock value from digital initiatives due to poor implementation strategies. A Mckinsey research shows that 70% of complex digital initiatives fail to reach their stated goals due to the gap between strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

An incorrect implementation decision taken at beginning of the project can increase architectural technical debt and cause expensive repercussions in the long run. Lack of insights in the implementation journey makes it difficult for DSPs to answer tough questions such as “Where to start?”, “How to start?”, and “How to get a head start?”.

This mandates DSPs to plan their implementation much more methodically to unlock full value and maximize their limited resources.

Download this insight to know more about:

  • Key focus areas for DSPs to make first time-right implementation choices and maximize value out of the digital initiatives.
  • Proven recommendations to avoid pitfalls that DSPs often face during the implementation of digital capabilities.


  • Derrek Schutman
  • Sumit Thakur


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