Design and Deployment considerations for a successful Virtual CPE rollout

SD-WAN/ Virtual CPE (vCPE) has emerged as the leading SDN/NFV use case for many Digital Service Providers (DSPs) according to a research report published by SDxCentral.

                                                                                                                         Source: SDxCentral

DSPs are embracing vCPE implementation to reap benefits such as:

  • CAPEX reduction: Reduced costs by replacing vendor specific hardware appliances with virtualized network functions (VNFs) implemented on COTS servers. With new whiteboxes available in market, DSPs can save up to 50% in CAPEX.
  • OPEX reduction: Reduced service delivery costs with heavy automation.
  • Service innovation and agility: Quicker service/feature rollouts and shorter time to market, improving the customer experience.

While Virtual CPE (vCPE) offers above mentioned benefits, it is important for DSPs to focus on the design and deployment considerations to realize the SDN/NFV promises to maximum. This insight highlights key design and deployment considerations for a successful vCPE implementation and further discusses strategies to achieve service agility.


  • Praveen Chalamalasetti
  • Pratik Tidke
  • Vishwa Nigam

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