Data-Driven Wizard to Improve Inventory Integrity and Arrest 90% of Errors at Source

Inventory of assets and services is the cornerstone for a Digital Service Provider’s (DSP’s) efficient operation. These assets grow every day making it more difficult to manage. Inventory systems with high levels of data pollution might disrupt even their basic operations and result in poor customer satisfaction and loss of revenue. DSPs on an average possess data pollution anywhere from 35-40% in their inventory.

This is mainly due to factors such as:

  • Manual administration
  • Lack of efficient validation tools while registering the data
  • Multiple siloed inventories

Though manual registration is one of the major contributors for inventory data pollution, there isn’t any easy automatable solution to it.

Fig: Data driven inventory wizard with data intelligence engine to arrest errors at the source

Most DSPs address this challenge using the ongoing inventory consolidation strategy (creating a central integrated inventory) and inventory reconciliation procedures. These steps are critical; however, it doesn’t arrest further data pollution in day to day operations. This insight unveils a unique data-driven inventory wizard with data intelligence engine to arrest data pollution at source.


Topics covered:

  • Major contributors for data pollution in DSPs inventory
  • Existing approaches by DSPs to reduce data pollution
  • Data driven inventory wizard to arrest the errors at the source
  • Considerations while building a data driven inventory wizard
  • Success story- Reducing data pollution in one of Europe’s leading DSP

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Arco Versluis

Sathya Narayanan

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