Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Over Containerization- A Cost Reduction Driver in Pre-Production Environment

The process for application development has seen a lot of changes over the last decade. Moving from the traditional linear application development process to DevOps based Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery model which supports frequent feedback mechanism at every stage from development to operations has brought huge benefits to organizations. Furthermore, adding Containerization to the CI/CD process greatly increases the agility, portability and controllability in the overall development to testing to deployment phases. With the One-Click Infrastructure provisioning and decommissioning feature of CI/CD over Containers, overall VM(Virtual Machine) usage can be brought down by up to 50%.

This insight focuses on application development process that leverages CI/CD over containerization and includes a recommended framework.

Download the presentation to have the full view of this Insight on CI/CD over containers.


Pravin Dagdee, Head – Infrastructure Management Services
Praveen C, Technical Architect – Infrastructure Management Services
Vishwa Nigam, Manager – Business Analysis & Insights

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