Field Service Automation to Reduce MTTI by 59% Using RPA

March 4, 2020

As per Digital Service Providers’ (DSPs’) current state, any new service request takes on an average of 152 hours per order to complete the Order-to-Billing process using a traditional approach. While analyzing the root cause for such a long cycle time it is found that the field service operations (field installation and activation) consume over 33% of the overall time. Complexity in managing the field service operations is mainly due to high manual efforts, lack of visibility on the job order readiness, and broken communication across the central office, field technicians, and customers causing inefficiency in the service delivery.

“End-to-end cycle time distribution in Order-to-Billing Journey”

This insight elaborates on implementing the RPA-based Integrated Service Installation Framework in field service operations to mitigate the challenges and drastically reduce the Mean Time to Install (MTTI) in Order-to-Billing Journey by 59%. Integrated service installation framework encompasses work order aggregation bot with centralized storage, auto-scheduling, planning & performance tracking bot, real-time communication bot and centralized web-based service engine.

Major benefits that could be realized by implementing Integrated Service Installation frameworks are:

  • MTTI reduction by up to 59%
  • OPEX reduction by up to 25%
  • Automation of up to 90% overall inflow of new install orders



  • Munendra S
  • Mogan A B

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