Efficient Dispatch Operations with Spare Location Intelligence for DSPs – Reduce MTTR by 45%

May 22, 2020


Most of the Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are struggling with the rising cost of Repeat-Dispatch and a higher Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).  As it takes a longer duration to repair faulty hardware, there will be an impact on the customer experience leading to a higher probability of the churn. According to Forrester, 73% of customers consider time as the most critical point of customer service.

To schedule an efficient dispatch for the repair activities, spare parts information becomes critical. It is not only the right delivery of spare parts that matters, but also the delivery should reach the right place at the right time. However, the existing approach of managing and finding spare parts involves high manual activities, lacks automation, and doesn’t have any real-time updates. With lesser visibility on what spare part is available in stock vs onsite requirement, there is a high element of unpredictability.

Spare Location Intelligence

Fig:  Steps followed in field service operation showcasing the importance of spare information

Thus, to provide efficient dispatch, it is crucial to ensure the right spare parts are available and is dispatched from the nearest warehouse location through the most optimized route. This insight details on Spare-Location Intelligence framework, which can be leveraged by DSPs to get real-time spare availability across warehouse locations and the most optimized route to access them. Further, the framework helps the planning team to proactively manage the storage and movement of spare parts across warehouse locations. The key elements required to build this framework can digitally transform the operations of the dispatch team, the field technician, and the design and planning team.

By implementing this framework, DSPs can reduce overall MTTR by 45% and bring a significant reduction in the Repeat-Dispatch rate, thereby improving dispatch productivity and efficiency.


  • Sumit Thakur
  • Murugan Chidhambaram

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