Digitizing Contact Center to Reduce Call Volume by 30% and Improve NPS

January 7, 2021

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) average of 24, telecom holds the lowest industry average according to the NPS Benchmarks Report. Operational inefficiencies in contact centers play a major role in the low NPS for Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

Most DSPs have been struggling with high call volumes and costs for a long time, and the pandemic has further caused an unprecedented spike in call volume. As the number of calls keeps increasing, it becomes difficult for contact center representatives to handle customer queries quickly and efficiently. Moreover, a longer waiting time to contact a representative degrades the customer experience.

Common challenges in DSPs’ contact center:

  • Slow and complex digital initiatives – Gartner says only 9% of customers report solving their issues completely via self-service
  • Multiple siloed systems
  • Reactive handling
  • Unproductive monitoring mechanism for agents
  • No end-to-end dashboard

To create a great customer experience, DSPs need to transform their traditional contact center with digital technologies as stated below:

Download this insight to know more about:

  • Key enablers to digitize the DSPs’ contact center that can reduce call volume & enhance the customer experience – digital-first model, smart agent console & contact center transformation dashboard
  • How these enablers can help you improve the NPS score by 20-30%, reduce call volume up to 40% and save opex by 30%


  • Rajesh Khanna
  • Raj Kumar
  • Sabharinath S
  • Abhay Goyal

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