Strategies to Improve the Efficiency of CSPs’ Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

The days when telecommunication was limited to voice are gone. The industry has grown rapidly to accommodate multiple services. In this era of multi-play, CSPs are adding various services in their catalog, such as voice, messaging, broadband, IPTV, DTH, VAS etc. In order to support these services, CSPs have formed technical assistance centers (TACs) with specialists who can help customers solve their issues related to specific services. CSPs have been facing challenges in maintaining and improving the efficiency and productivity of these TACs, such as broadband technical assistance center (BTAC), as much of their efforts go into non-value-adding (NVA) tasks causing resource wastage. NVA tasks can be classified into following categories:

broadband technical assistance

Further analysis of NVAs (over processing, rework, waiting, etc.) shows that high volume of inbound repeat calls, huge volume of tickets and handling of distributed tools are the major challenges of a TAC.

This insight paper explores various innovative and field proven tools and techniques including robot assisted screening to effectively mitigate the above challenges. CSPs can easily realize 30- 40% reduction in inbound repeat calls and customer trouble tickets by implementing the strategies discussed.

For more details, please download the complete insight paper from the link below.


Rajesh Khanna J
Sasikumar B
Vishwa Nigam

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