Digital Transformation World 2020

Event Agenda

Laying Down Winning Foundations with AI, Analytics, and Automation

Time: 11:00 – 12:20 CET
Antony Savarimuthu – Vice President – Digital Transformation Programs

This 1 hr focused masterclass is a presentation detox learning journey and will start with a scene-setting opener followed by 3 key contributors sharing insight and ideas on laying down the right foundations to excel with AI, analytics, and automation lead by anchor and taking questions from the attendees via the audience moderator to build out the discussion and whiteboard ideas.

Contributor Led Discussion with Q&A: Making your workforce AI smart – upskill, retrain, and recruit new talent!

  • The big 3 questions answered via the key contributors
  • What skills are required to drive AI adoption?
  • Determining skills sets for which can you retrain or upskill staff and where new talent is required
  • Getting the balance right between hard skills and soft skills needed for AI
  • Why fusion skills are essential for AI and how to develop employees’ fusion skills
  • Strategies for closing the AI talent gap
  • Incentivizing employees to improve their data literacy and AI skills

Antony Savarimuthu

Humanizing the Digital Experience

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 CET
Mehraj Gulzar – Vice President – Americas
The evolution of self-service and zero-touch
  • The Customer-First approach for enabling Zero-touch – Defining the right journey for each segment
  • Nudging customers towards self-service – Factors to be considered to increase adoption
  • Personalizing the experience for each customer using their Digital footprint
  • Business-led transformation enabled by technologies like AR, VR, ML
  • How do Service Providers need to transform internally to enable a customer-centric zero-touch model

Mehraj Gulzar

Human Factor

Time: 12:00 – 13:30 CET
Aravind Parthasarathy – Vice President – COO Solutions Practice

Building a Hyper-automation factory: Setting up a culture of rapid and continuous innovation bridging human and digital labor

  • An overview of the processes and structure that acts as a platform to build and accelerate hyper automation
  • Insights into how new capabilities are driving higher levels of automation and closer collaboration between team members and digital workers
  • What does rapid and continuous automation look like and what where the obstacles and unexpected wins?
  • How to get visibility into complex operational processes to drive standardization and automation?
  • How do we balance conflicting priorities for funding these initiatives, and build a sustainable innovation engine?

Aravind Parthasarathy

AI + Telecoms

Time: 15:00 – 16:30 CET
Rajesh Rathod – Chief Technology Officer

We take it as a given that artificial intelligence will change the face of the telecoms industry. But how proactive do telecoms operators need to be in building the right internal skills, capabilities, and balance, between insourcing and outsourcing, to extract maximum value from AI?

  • Where should operators direct their laser focus to extract maximum AI value and who should lead it?
  • Is it possible and desirable to deploy company-wide strategies to leverage AI?
  • Do telecom operators currently have the skills to leverage AI, and what workforce innovations could aid skill gaps?
  • When it comes to “operations” is job losses not inevitable as a result of AI?
  • How is standardization impacted by AI?
  • Are we doing enough as an industry to leverage AI?

Rajesh Rathod

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