Creating a portable Virtual Network Function (VNF) testing framework

Accelerating high-quality service deployment for Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

VNF Testing in DSP environment has become complex, costly and time consuming.

With these set of challenges, testing activities today consume more than 40% of DSP’s time and efforts in bringing new services online. In such a complex scenario getting multiple VNFs up and running can be complex, costly and time consuming, thereby defeating the overall purpose of network virtualization. To overcome these challenges DSPs need to radically change the existing testing methods and processes and shift to a new testing model.

This Insight focuses on key elements that can help DSPs in creating an effective and portable VNF testing framework with end-to-end automation.

Topics covered:

  • Portable and target independent test automation platform
  • Building adapters with zero-coding complexity for testers
  • Automated CI/CT/CD pipeline
  • Test monitoring tool to gather key insights for end-to-end testing

Benefits include rapid test development and maintenance, faster product launch, improved product quality, and differentiated product delivery.

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  • Pratik Ravindra Tidke
  • Sumit Thakur

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