The Business Challenge

In a world where customer preferences in network choices are constantly changing, telecom companies need to be future-ready and agile. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have been facing huge revenue leakages apart from challenges in meeting customer expectations. For telcos, truck rolls are a critical component in their service delivery that involves both operational and cost challenges. In recent years, the need for truck roll has grown more critical with the prevalence of sophisticated networks, devices, and multiple product/service offerings. DSPs have been battling the challenge of reducing truck rolls that helps to optimize operational costs while also improving customer satisfaction.

Overall, the telecom industry battles with a lower NPS score at 24 points, while at the same time spends 40% of the operational expenditure on truck roll operations. To eliminate inefficiencies and associated non-productive truck roll costs, DSPs must find innovative solutions for optimizing truck rolls, as well as for resolving more issues remotely.

What We Do

What We Do

With a singular focus on the telecom landscape, we understand that the inefficiencies in truck roll operations can significantly impact customer experience and trigger high operational costs. The ability of DSPs to balance customer satisfaction while reducing costs by optimizing truck rolls is critical. As a strategic partner enabling an improved connected experience, we recommend a focus shift on customer support from being reactive to proactive.

Truck roll operations are often outsourced, and providers have low to no incentive to drive improvements as it would impact their revenues. Our transformed truck roll optimization solution can help customers in reducing non-productive truck rolls and thereby drive significant efficiency and cost savings.

Our Offerings

Operational revenue leakages across truck roll operations are contributed primarily through Non-Productive Dispatches (NPD) or repeat visits. Some of the key reasons for inefficiencies include playbook-based resolution/missed validation prior to dispatches, lack of digital transformation across field dispatches including quality gates, and reactive handling of the customer issues.

Prodapt has a proven methodology to bring together multiple commercial and in-house technologies to deliver a compelling end-to-end truck roll optimization solution.

Truck roll Optimization

AR/VR based smart resolution

Industry-leading AR/VR guided troubleshooting to enable further self-service

Empower customers with self-service to get the issue resolved by connecting directly with a remote resolution agent

Identify potential remote resolution issues at the contact center and divert them to the remote resolution team for guided resolution

Digitized dispatch operations

Combination of in-house AI algorithms and best-in-class messaging platforms to improve field engineer productivity

AI-driven dispatch screening to identify non-productive dispatches and triage to the right resolution

Enable agents through self-service options providing the required information and guided resolution for field engineers in case of skill mismatches

Predictive service models

Custom machine learning-based solution built using our in-house machine learning workbench, Synapt

Predict outages and service degradation that helps to fix issues before customers notice

Truck roll Optimization

Business Outcome

Sustainable reduction in non-productive dispatches by 75-80%

Reduction in repeat visits by 8-10%

Improved field agent productivity

Reduction in operational expenditure by 25%

Dramatically improved customer experience due to reduced wait time

Significant improvement in NPS by ~10-20%

Significant cost savings – as an example, for a customer with ~1 million truck rolls per year, projected savings will be $15-$16 million per year (assuming $80 per truck roll)

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