The Business Challenge

As technology adoption has skyrocketed, it has vastly changed the way consumers engage with a Digital Service Provider (DSP). Consequently, many DSPs feel the heat of customer churn due to substandard order-to-activate (O2A) processes. Siloed teams, delayed revenue, opaque processes, and increasing product complexity forms a perfect recipe for long order-to-activate cycles. This, in turn, poses a threat to customer satisfaction levels and customer retention. Besides, many DSPs have grown as a result of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and still have parallel IT and activation operations, making it incredibly challenging to measure, analyze, and optimize the O2A process.

Most of the conventional approaches drive transformation initiatives as ad-hoc implementations. Moreover, it ignores the operational reality about lack of standardization, the sheer number of custom requests, and the fluid nature of operational processes. The outcome being elongated cycle time, missed due dates, delayed revenue realization, high operational expenditure (OpEx), and poor customer experience. Hence, it becomes increasingly crucial to adopt a holistic transformation model that can address these challenges in the DSP ecosystem.

What We Do

What We Do

Through the ‘Managed Transformation Model,’ Prodapt engages in collaboration with the DSP to optimize and transform their operations holistically. Furthermore, it promises to deliver long-term sustainable business benefits and encompasses managed transformation levers such as agile work cell, process optimization & automation, and operational accountability.

Is your order-to-activate strategy competent and future-ready to cater to your always-connected customers? Then, we are the technology enablers you need. We are committed to addressing end-to-end (E2E) operations across the O2A process area while incrementally transforming the business process in parallel.


Our Offerings

The order-to-activate process is the core of the business and operational support of any DSP. With deep specialization in the DSP landscape, we are at the forefront of technology evolution powering innovation and enabling transformation.

Prodapt being an early adopter of AI/ML integrated RPA offerings has addressed the need for a faster O2A cycle by employing end-to-end transformation solutions. Prodapt’s services are built on deep domain expertise with a singular focus on DSPs/CSPs and are enabled by the process experience lab. The dedicated innovation lab offers new solutions for market needs and serves as the key enabler for our business outcome solutions.

Our managed transformation levers are:

Agile Work Cell Model

Cross-functional operations team members form an agile work cell with end-to-end responsibility for the process, thus reducing handoffs, bringing better visibility, and reducing touchpoints by 70%

Process Optimization & Automation

Data-driven process analytics to drive hyper-automation, identify improvement opportunities, and set new baseline targets

Operational Accountability

Process and people management using tools enabling an end-to-end view of the process, performance tracking, and governance

Order visibility dashboard empowers Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) with E2E visibility of each order with milestones and updates

Transaction Lifecycle Master (TLM) tool helps in governance, performance tracking, and reporting


Business Outcome

OpEx savings of 40% to 60% over three years

Focus on automation with a target of 40% to 60% of automated operations

Average cycle time improvement by 40% to 50% over two years, ensuring service quality

Less than 20% of reworks across the operations teams

Effective utilization of resources across more productive areas and process handling in a lean model

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Other Business Outcomes

Service Call & Truck Roll Reduction

In a world where customer preferences in network choices are constantly changing, telecom companies need to be future-ready and agile. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have been facing huge revenue leakages apart from challenges in meeting customer expectations. For telcos, truck rolls are a critical component in their service delivery that involves both operational and cost challenges.

CX-driven Digital Contact Center

The ever-changing competitive telecom ecosystem and demanding consumers are challenging the DSPs to redefine their consumer experience capabilities…

Telecom Process As A Service (TPaaS)

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have large operations teams, often operating on siloed legacy platforms to perform their day-to-day work. While dealing with an increasingly complex product catalog, operations teams are also under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, complete their tasks faster, and be more agile in responding to customers’ needs.

Order provisioning in telecom
telecom activation process

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