The Business Challenge

Lack of a unified network automation platform across the legacy, physical and virtual network functions has disrupted the introduction of next-gen service orchestrators, thus compromising network service availability. One of the main challenges that network teams face is the growing complexity of network operations. The explosive growth of data and connected devices has outpaced the efforts to manually manage them efficiently, resulting in higher network operations cost. Therefore, a central/remote provisioning & management and automated operations are key enablers to manage and improve network availability.

What We Do

What We Do

Prodapt’s NetBots is a network automation framework designed to address large and complex networks with comprehensive operations including automation with Telebots and NetBots.AI, telco cloud automation with zero-touch provisioning, orchestration of 5G, multi-cloud services, and next-generation OSS, built using open source platforms and open APIs.

  • Network topology discovery – Explore the existing network topologies for automation.
  • Smart auto bandwidth – Assign customized bandwidth options depending on the flow of data packets.
  • Network action based on Machine Learning (ML) data – Proactive monitoring solutions, in terms of automatic network discovery and close loop automation with performing proof of concepts.
  • Automated network provisioning and software update – Remote network provisioning using YANG, Netconf, CLI in bulk provisioning manner.
  • Testing services – Testing and certification services for the provisioned network nodes.

Our Offerings

Prodapt’s NetBots is a unique framework that enables the automation of a set of network microservices that does the heavy lifting of the complex and repetitive NetOps tasks, and improves the efficiency of the network, with customizable bots catalogenabled with an enhanced, seamless, and unified user interface. 

Automated configuration and change management

One-click provision of day 0 to day N using off-the-shelf built-in bots. The bots support multiple southbound interfaces to connect to devices (Netconf, REST, CLI, etc.). Bot framework is flexible enough to accommodate multiple bots to address the entire workflow. The configuration of the device can easily be done from the UI.

Service Delivery

  • Order management
  • Provisioning & service activation
  • Test & acceptance
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) in DCs/sites/COs
  • Network health check
  • System validation

Automating intelligent operations

NetBots cover comprehensive service delivery, operations, assurance, and planning features. The vendor-specific adapter allows it to support multiple vendor network devices and bare-metal boxes. This extensible architecture helps in quick integration with northbound and southbound applications/devices. This helps network operators to allow easy operations over the network without worrying about vendors and dependencies.

Network Operations & Assurance

  • NoC repetitive tasks
  • Alarm and fault monitoring & suppression
  • Alarm correlations
  • Security threats management
  • Network turnups/Decommission
  • Configuration backups

NetBots status and productivity dashboard

Portal enables role-based dashboards for different KPIs. The bot status summarizes the status of all the triggered automation suites. The dashboard provides a view of the opex/capex savings with options to choose multiple input qualifiers. It also provides a real-time and fine-grained view of devices in the network.

Network Planning & Management

  • Network utilization
  • KPI calculator
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Demand management
  • Site engineering and analysis

Business Outcome

Automated network operations, provisioning & rollbacks improve test efficiency by over 80%

OTT SDWAN services deployment reduced by 45%

Post service deployment & integration check times reduced by 50%

Reduced service activation times, faster fault diagnosis, and smoother network SDNization

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Other Business Outcomes

Service Call & Truck Roll Reduction

In a world where customer preferences in network choices are constantly changing, telecom companies need to be future-ready and agile. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have been facing huge revenue leakages apart from challenges in meeting customer expectations. For telcos, truck rolls are a critical component in their service delivery that involves both operational and cost challenges.

CX-driven Digital Contact Center

The ever-changing competitive telecom ecosystem and demanding consumers are challenging the DSPs to redefine their consumer experience capabilities. Increasing call volumes, the complexity of service management systems, and tightened budgets call for an automated and efficient digital care channel.

Telecom Process as a Service (TPaaS)

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have large operations teams, often operating on siloed legacy platforms to perform their day-to-day work. While dealing with an increasingly complex product catalog, operations teams are also under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, complete their tasks faster, and be more agile in responding to customers’ needs.

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