The Business Challenge

The ever-changing competitive telecom ecosystem and demanding consumers are challenging the DSPs to redefine their consumer experience capabilities. Increasing call volumes, the complexity of service management systems, and tightened budgets call for an automated and efficient digital care channel.

Given this scenario, new technology platforms and process improvements are essential to tackle the inefficiencies such as reactive handling of the consumer issues, multiple siloed systems, high operational costs, and slow adoption of digital strategies & channels.

What We Do

What We Do

Contact center operations are often outsourced and remain detrimental because back-office outsourcing providers lack the incentive to drive call reduction. Prodapt has a proven methodology to bring together multiple commercial and in-house technologies to deliver a compelling CX-driven Digital Contact Center solution that commits tangible business outcomes in customer experience.

How prepared is your contact center for the future? As digital transformation enablers, Prodapt can help DSPs to re-imagine their contact centers with AI complimenting live agents and providing true omnichannel experience to meet the needs of the customers of the future.


Our Offerings

Prodapt’s deep DSP domain knowledge combined with an early adapter advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), together powered by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning will aid service providers to mature, monetize, and modernize their contact centers.

Key problem areas and our solution approach:

Proactive fault handling

Custom ML-based solution built using our in-house ML framework, Synapt

Ability to predict outages and service degradation for customers – prediction to fix issues before they occur, or customers’ notice

Digital self-service & call deflection to messaging

Best-in-class messaging platforms such as Liveperson

Deflect calls from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, etc.)

Automate messaging responses to standard queries

Ability to predict outages and service degradation for customers – prediction to fix issues before they occur, or customers’ notice

AI-assisted automation for contact center agents

Combination of RPA and ML-based next-best-action for agents built using Synapt

Enabled by 360-degree customer view and next-best-action recommendation


Business Outcome

Dramatically improved customer experience due to reduced wait time

Improvement in first call resolution by 10-15%

Improvement in NPS by 10-20%

Enhanced agent productivity by 25-30%

Reduction in call volume by 35-45%

Reduced call escalation and non-productive truck rolls by 10%

Significant cost savings – as an illustration, for a DSP handling ~12 million technical support calls per year, projected savings will be $30-$35 million per year

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Other Business Outcomes

Telecom Process as a Service (TPaaS)

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have large operations teams, often operating on siloed legacy platforms to perform their day-to-day work. While dealing with an increasingly complex product catalog, operations teams are also under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, complete their tasks faster, and be more agile in responding to customers’ needs.

Open Virtual Exchange (OVX)

Network services are not the same as it once was. To keep up with consumers’ growing expectations, it’s important for DSPs to re-imagine their WAN edge services for faster, flexible, and cheaper connectivity – So, how to transform the way enterprises use network services? Right now, the best option would be the adoption of an agile and intelligent WAN architecture that best suits your business needs


Lack of a unified network automation platform across the legacy, physical and virtual network functions has disrupted the introduction of next-gen service orchestrators, thus compromising network service availability. One of the main challenges that network teams face is the growing complexity of network operations

Digital contact center
Next Generation contact center

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