Building 360° real-time network visualization for Digital Service Providers-Frameworks leveraging graph technologies to drive smart decision making

Rapid network expansion, among other factors, has caused data silos in digital service providers (DSPs), which affects time-to-insights for their data assets. These scattered set of data needs to be integrated from various set of disjointed systems, which comprise of untraceable integrations and interfaces. As a result, this impacts DSPs key operational processes leading to issues such as inefficient network and resource utilization, delay in new network design rollout and ineffective network troubleshooting.

DSPs need to build real-time 360° Network Visualization to drive smart decision making. For this most DSPs have started implementing Graph databases to address the problem of data silos & information asymmetry in Network management. However, focusing only on the Data storage can be a futile attempt unless DSPs don’t create an effective upstream Data Ingestion and downstream Data Visualization strategy. This Insight deep dives on these two key elements and brings out key capabilities required to effectively build them. Implementing 360° real-time network visualization approach discussed in this insight can enable an intelligent and convergent view of the network. It helps in meeting the growing demands of Network Planning, Network Operations (NOC) and various business user communities in a DSP.


  • Rajesh Ramaswamy Sampathkumar
  • Sumit Thakur
  • Jagadeesh Bhavanasi
  • Kalyanakannan D M

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