Transforming Telecom Business Processes Using Robotic Process Automation

Transforming Telecom Business Processes Using Robotic Process Automation

CSPs are moving towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce cost, improve data quality, boost customer service, and drive operational efficiency. RPA focusses on processes that are highly manual, voluminous, repetitive, and rule-based. There are a lot of such processes in the telecom industry, namely service fulfillment, service assurance, billing, revenue management, and network management.

This insight discusses why RPA is being accepted widely in the telecommunications industry and serves as a guide to help communication service providers and telecom enterprises in their RPA implementation, right from business process assessment till rollout.

Some examples of processes from the Order-to-Activate(O2A) cycle suitable for RPA

Topics Covered:

  • Why RPA is becoming popular in the telecommunication industry?
  • Preview of telecom processes with RPA potential
  • The RPA journey of a communications service provider – How to implement RPA successfully?
  • Common challenges faced during RPA implementation
  • Success story – RPA journey in one of the largest CSPs in the United States


Ananth Paramasivam
Rajeshkhanna J
Sarvagya Nayak


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