Accelerating Optical Wave Order-to-Provisioning Time by 90% using SDN Multi-Domain-Orchestrator

Optical wave provisioning for enterprise customers has been highly challenging and time consuming for CSPs as it requires different levels of inter-carrier agreements, complex integration and configuration of various network nodes across access, aggregation and core in a multi-domain/ vendor architecture. Such diverse traditional architecture lacks unified view of resource availability (e.g. network node, port availability in a particular router etc.) The long time taken for these activities delays the service provisioning by several days (even up to 45 days).

dynamic provisioning, SDN

Implementing SDN Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) is the solution to achieve touch-free provisioning.

By implementing SDN MDSO, CSPs can onboard multi-vendor domains and devices, achieve a unified view and control all domains from a single point. This helps in achieving touch-free dynamic provisioning of optical wave services.

dynamic provisioning, SDN

Some of the benefits of implementing SDN-MDSO are:

  • MDSO removes silos and enables better visibility of network and sub-network
  • Reduced processing time in inter-domain service chaining
  • Federation makes visualization and allocation of resources easier
  • Increased utilization of network resources and decreased costs

This article further discusses on some of the key considerations for successful SDN- MDSO implementation for optical wave service. These recommendations can bring down your optical wave provisioning time from weeks to minutes.

The complete article can be downloaded here.


Rakesh Roy
Rameshkumar Shanmugasundaram
Vishwa Ratna Nigam


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