Diversity & Inclusion


Humans have the fundamental need to connect. At Prodapt, we believe in connecting people from diverse backgrounds to achieve our collective goal of accelerating ‘Connectedness’. We are committed to foster an ecosystem that proactively promotes diversity and inclusion among our people, business partnerships, and communities where-in we operate.

We welcome diverse voices and fresh perspectives to strengthen our capabilities and make better decisions. We bring in people from all walks of life who contribute to our growth and aspirations together.

Our diversity and inclusion approach lays the foundation of our work culture. Hence, we encourage Prodaptians and stakeholders to recognize and embrace them to unlock our full potential.

Women at Prodapt

Women at Prodapt

Prodapt celebrates gender equality at work. It is our long-term commitment to increasing gender diversity at all levels. Beyond recruiting and retaining more women, ‘Gender inclusion’ at Prodapt implies a safe and secure work environment for all Prodaptians.

We have a fair and gender-neutral compensation philosophy to support colleagues coming back from maternity breaks.

Celebrating Cultural Confluence

At Prodapt, it is a norm to respect every individual irrespective of their background, culture, and lifestyle. We aim at creating cross-cultural awareness that promotes better understanding and celebration of other cultures.

Focus without Bias


Focus without Bias

Prodapt believes in nurturing equality and inclusion at every step. Welcoming different perspectives, traditions, and experiences makes us strong as an organization. We want to be recognized as an organization where people from diverse backgrounds and thoughts are immensely valued. We trust this will strengthen our performance by bringing us closer to each other and fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Our workforce consists of individuals from 20+ countries and Prodaptians are located globally in 19 locations across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Policies at a Glance

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct policies includes some basic principles of appropriateness in conduct and standard of ethics which must be abode by every person in Prodapt.

It sets out our values, responsibilities, and ethical obligations that aim to enlighten Prodaptians to do the right when in doubt.

Equal Employment Opportunities for All

We strive to provide equal employment opportunities to everyone without being biased on gender, culture, interest, and sexual orientation. It enables a healthy and productive workplace that promotes fair treatment for everyone. We enforce equality in all areas which include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Evaluating performance
  • Administering compensation and benefits etc.,

Harassment-free Workplace Policy

Prodapt has set policies to maintain an environment free from harassment and intimidation. Any comment or conduct that fails to respect the dignity and feeling of an individual is unacceptable. All forms of discrimination based upon an individual’s gender, religion, race, caste, disability, seniority, pregnancy, and sexual orientation go strictly against Prodapt’s policies.

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